Our students come from diverse backgrounds and with varied educational experiences. We have a wide range in participant ages and academic starting points. If you want to be part of someone’s educational journey, come join us! Becoming a tutor at Restore Education can have a lasting impact in the lives of both the student and the tutor. In the words of one of our current volunteers, “If you believe in the value of lifelong learning, this is the volunteer gig for you!”

With ever increasing student participation, dedicated volunteers are more important than ever. To take the next steps in supporting our mission and our students, please complete our Volunteer Application.



Restore Education volunteer tutors assist students with the following:

  • Preparing students for the GED exam to achieve a high school equivalency certification. Subjects include Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Writing.

  • Developing students’ oral and written English language skills.
  • Supporting Workforce Training students as they develop fundamental math and language arts skills in conjunction with their career program.
  • Developing student study habits, problem solving, critical thinking, and test taking skills.
  • Maintaining focus and enthusiasm as students work to reach their academic goals.
  • Volunteers can also review GED essays and assist at Restore Education events.


Volunteers serve under the guidance of our classroom instructors and are key team members. As part of a dynamic volunteer program, our volunteers commit to 2 hours per week for at least six months. Respectful, consistent communication with students, instructors, and VC are essential for successful participation in our program. Our ultimate function is to help our students reach their academic goals. As such, we expect volunteers to be supportive, engaged participants in the Restore Education experience.

We follow a multi-step onboarding process to allow volunteers to gain a solid understanding of our organization and our students. The steps include an initial interview, completion of one ProLiteracy training module, a 45-minute orientation, a mandatory background check, and a class observation. By the end of the onboarding process, the applicant has engaged with the Volunteer Coordinator and has had numerous opportunities to ask questions.


Le agradezco con todo mi corazón su dedicación su tiempo su esfuerzo.

Eduardo B., Student
Thank you for the hours you dedicate to us and the only way to thank you is to learn more English every day!
Luz S., Student


Do I need to know all the material before I start tutoring?2021-08-26T10:59:50-05:00

No. Volunteers will become familiar with the material as they work with students. The instructor is always present to assist the volunteer if there is a subject in which the volunteer can not answer the student’s question.

Will I have a set volunteering schedule?2021-08-26T10:59:50-05:00

Yes. We will match your availability with classroom needs and assign you to the same day of the week and time on a recurrent basis.

What happens if I can’t tutor on a given week?2021-08-26T10:59:50-05:00

We know unexpected situations come up. We ask that you let the Volunteer Coordinator know ahead of time, if possible, if you will not be able to make your tutoring session. This helps the instructors manage their classrooms.

Do I need to provide my own materials?2021-08-26T10:59:50-05:00

No. Restore Education provides volunteers with training and all the materials that will be used in the classrooms.

Can I tutor more than just one shift?2021-08-26T10:59:50-05:00

Yes! If your schedule allows for more volunteering shifts, we are happy to have you join us multiple times per week.

Do I have to live in San Antonio to volunteer with Restore Education?2021-08-26T10:59:50-05:00

We have volunteer tutors from throughout Texas and the US. Since our classrooms are virtual, volunteers can log in from their home and be part of our volunteer program.

If I start as a virtual tutor, will the opportunity end when classrooms are back in person?2021-08-26T10:59:50-05:00

No. We plan to incorporate the virtual volunteer tutors into our classrooms as we move back into hybrid and in-person classrooms.

I am a high school student. Can I volunteer?2021-08-26T10:59:49-05:00

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer with Restore Education. Please keep us in mind for your future volunteer activities.

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