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What entrance exams do you prepare students for?2021-08-26T11:00:08-05:00

We prepare students for the TSI and TEAS tests.

What if I have a history with the justice system that could impact employment?2021-08-26T10:59:48-05:00

You may still qualify for training depending on your particular background. We want to make sure that you are employable after completing your training. Certain employers or fields may have restrictions based on background. We may be able to connect you with legal support services.

Do you pay for college?2021-08-26T10:59:22-05:00

College students are responsible for their tuition and fees. We support students in applying for FAFSA. In some cases, we may be able to cover the costs of books and materials.

Do I have to pay my own testing fees?2021-08-26T10:59:22-05:00

Students that meet program requirements can qualify to have their first testing fee covered.

Can I enroll in the College Test Preparation course if I am still in high school?2021-08-26T10:59:23-05:00

We are unable to serve students who are currently in high school at the time of enrollment.

When will I take my TSI or TEAS test?2021-08-26T10:59:23-05:00

After completing program requirements, our staff will support you in scheduling your test. Test scheduling depends on testing availability and college/university application deadlines (TSI and TEAS).

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to enroll in your program?2021-08-26T10:59:23-05:00

We serve students of all immigration and citizenship statuses. We can also offer specific support for TASFA and ApplyTexas.

How do I know if TEAS test preparation is right for me?2021-08-26T10:59:23-05:00

Typically our TEAS students are pursuing a medical pathway at Alamo Colleges for applied healthcare fields such as nursing, physical therapy assistant, and sonography technician. Students usually have completed 1-2 semesters of college.

How should I dress for an interview?2021-08-26T10:59:23-05:00

It is important to dress professionally for the interview. We help guide you to present your best self to recruiters and employers and we have a professional attire closet for you to select a couple of outfits at no cost to you. A short answer is: The proper attire for an interview is a suit, or at a minimum, coordinated separates (matching shirt and skirt or slacks). Safe colors to wear in an interview are navy blue, brown, charcoal gray, and black. A longer answer is to: a) research the company’s dress code; b) avoid revealing clothing; c) choose clothing according to the climate and season; d) check for stains, snags, pet hairs and holes; e) press clothes and/or make sure the outfit is wrinkle free; f) keep jewelry to a minimum, hair neat, and nails clean and trimmed.

Do you review my resume?2021-08-26T10:59:23-05:00

Yes. We have three employment specialists here at Restore Education helping you with your resume and cover letter and anything job search related. We will help you find suitable jobs in your industry. You should expect to attend at least one career workshop, work with an advisor in person, over the phone and by email. Overall, expect to spend 5-10 hours developing a solid resume. If you do not have a resume, we have a link we can send you to get started.

Am I still employable if I have background issue?2021-08-26T10:59:23-05:00

Yes. We work with Easy Expunctions and refer you to Background Friendly Employers. We help find the best fit for you.

How many jobs do I need to apply for each week?2021-08-26T10:59:24-05:00

At least six. Make your job search your new full time job. You will find that as you apply for jobs you will gain a deeper knowledge of the job market and make a better job candidate. More importantly, you increase your opportunity for more interviews.

What if I already have a degree?2021-08-26T10:59:24-05:00

We can accept degreed students that qualify for the COSA Train for Jobs SA stipend. All other degreed students do not qualify for training. If you have previously earned a training certificate, you may still enroll in training with us.

Where do I apply?2021-09-29T17:20:26-05:00

Apply by completing our online application here.

Can I join another training program after I complete the one I am currently enrolled in?2021-08-26T10:59:48-05:00

Restore Education has a two-year waiting period before you can enroll in another training class.

Do I need my own computer?2021-08-26T10:59:48-05:00

Yes. We may be able to provide you with technology access if needed.

Is attending college free as a dual enrollment student?2021-08-26T10:59:49-05:00

Dual students must apply for financial aid for tuition support. All college tuition is the responsibility of the student. Restore Education does not provide direct college tuition assistance.

Can I take the GED test for free?2021-08-26T10:59:49-05:00

You will receive one free test voucher for each of the four GED exam subjects. If you do not pass a section of the exam, you will be responsible for the cost of retaking the section.

What do your programs cost?2021-08-26T11:00:08-05:00

Our programs are at no-cost to students. We provide all the learning materials and instruction you need to succeed.

Do you have to be a citizen in order to enroll?2021-08-26T11:00:08-05:00

You do not have to be a citizen to participate in our GED, ESL, or College Support programs. Career Training programs do require that you be able to legally work in the U.S.

Will I be able to get a job in my chosen career pathway?2021-08-26T11:00:08-05:00

We have a team of Student Support Specialists that help you with career guidance and job placement.

Why do I need to take a Placement Assessment?2021-08-26T11:00:09-05:00

Your Placement Assessment helps us meet your unique learning needs. There is no minimum score for enrollment.

What documents do I need in order to apply?2021-08-26T11:00:09-05:00

You will need to provide copies of your State ID or Driver’s License and Social Security Card in order to apply. If you do not have these documents, our intake team can provide guidance!

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