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 Do you want to move forward in your education?

At Restore Education we believe that everyone has the potential to transform their lives through education. We offer several programs, from basic literacy and high school equivalency preparation, to workforce training and college support, based on a flexible, and individualized model, so that students are placed on a pathway to life-sustaining careers. Check out our programs below and find the best fit for you.

Real Success From Real Students

– Elias

“Restore Education helped me finish my GED, improve my English, and learn how to use the computer. I completed the administrative assistant training program and learned so much. They also helped me prepare for college and now I am in my second year of college working towards my degree.”

Restoring Potential Through Education

Postsecondary credentials are key to family-supporting wages and improving the economic health of our community. Yet, right now in San Antonio, 1 in 4 adults is without a high school diploma. Some students leave school to support their families, some face homelessness, many are young parents, and still others face past trauma. At Restore Education, we believe that no matter the circumstance, everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their lives through education. Why shouldn’t a student go forward to college and position their families to benefit from the opportunities that are afforded anyone who is willing to work as hard as they are?  These students with limited resources and life circumstances negotiate a very hard pathway and make tough choices to advance their education for themselves and those in their family that follow. We believe they deserve partners in the community to open these doors and put them on the most effective pathway to realizing their potential.



1st Gen College Students




Minority Students

Our FREE programs meet the needs
of at-risk individuals


Champions for Education

Restore Education is a non-profit organization committed to helping at-risk students achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential.

Become Who You Are Meant to Be

Our mission is to transform the at risk youth and adults of San Antonio into successful college and career-ready students so that they can achieve the future they deserve as self-supporting adults, role models as parents, and as contributing members of the community.


Help Young Adults
Reach Their Potential

Generous volunteers and donors are at the heart of all we do. Your gift of time, financial support, or both puts at-risk students on a pathway to a life-sustaining career. Please consider partnering with us to ensure that at-risk students who turn to Restore Education will have access to the education they need to reach their full potential. Together, we can create brighter futures for our students, their families, and our community.