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The College Readiness & Support program prepares students for college by providing them the tools they need to succeed at two- and four-year colleges. We also offer continued support and guidance as students pursue a graduate degree and prepare for future careers!


Prepare for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exam and enroll in college. We support you with college and in financial aid applications, scholarship search, college success skills, advising for course selection, and career preparation workshops and activities, all while you prepare for your exam. You must attend class at the scheduled times.

Prepare for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exam. We support you in preparing for Math, Reading, and Writing sections of your exams. We also provide you with additional study materials to support your test readiness. You must commit to a 4-8 hour per week tutoring schedule, complete a minimum of 40 hours total, and take a progress test.
We offer academic coaching, tutoring support for college classes, financial aid renewal, scholarship search, continual advising for course selection, assistance with transfer and degree selection to four-year universities. Additionally, students can participate in career preparation workshops and activities while enrolled in College Support. We help you build a strategy, build a structure, and execute your plan for success.


  • College Test Preparation

    • Commit to one of the following
      — CTP course that meets four times a week for 3 hours at a time OR
      — Individual TSI or TEAS with a consistent schedule to be agreed upon between student and instructor. Students must complete 40 hours and a post test.
    • Earn 40 hours of instruction at minimum
    • Progress test and show improvement to qualify for TSI/TEAS exam voucher
    • Receive approval from instructor to schedule TSI/TEAS exam
  • First-year Support (Compass)

    • Enroll in and earn 6 college credit hours during first two semesters of college
    • Commit to 40 hours of academic assistance during the first semester of college
    • Progress test and show improvement
    • Commit to regular check-ins with Student Success Specialist
  • Dual Enrollment

    • Same general expectations as First-Year Support
    • Attend GED class for Math and secondary subject (Science or Social Studies)
    • Pass Math and secondary subject before the end of the academic semester
    • FAFSA renewal (if applicable)
  • Extended Support (Compass)

    • Commit regular check-ins with Student Success Specialist to keep staff up to date on your academic and career progress
    • Opportunity to serve as peer mentor, public speaker, and higher education advocate
    • Additional requirements based on academic program



You must complete all Enrollment Steps. Once you have completed the Enrollment Steps, you must meet with the College Support Specialist prior to beginning the program. The College Support Specialist will discuss with you the different program options and schedules. They will also provide you with the specific program requirements and expectations.


How do I know if TEAS test preparation is right for me?2021-08-26T10:59:22-05:00

Typically our TEAS students are pursuing a medical pathway at Alamo Colleges for applied healthcare fields such as nursing, physical therapy assistant, and sonography technician. Students usually have completed 1-2 semesters of college.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to enroll in your program?2021-08-26T10:59:21-05:00

We serve students of all immigration and citizenship statuses. We can also offer specific support for TASFA and ApplyTexas.

When will I take my TSI or TEAS test?2021-08-26T10:59:21-05:00

After completing program requirements, our staff will support you in scheduling your test. Test scheduling depends on testing availability and college/university application deadlines (TSI and TEAS).

Can I enroll in the College Test Preparation course if I am still in high school?2021-08-26T10:59:21-05:00

We are unable to serve students who are currently in high school at the time of enrollment.

Do I have to pay my own testing fees?2021-08-26T10:59:22-05:00

Students that meet program requirements can qualify to have their first testing fee covered.

Do you pay for college?2021-08-26T10:59:22-05:00

College students are responsible for their tuition and fees. We support students in applying for FAFSA. In some cases, we may be able to cover the costs of books and materials.

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